VERSION: 2019.06.25

Central Horse Racing Betting Card Voting App "Bee Card Voting @ Central Horse Racing-KeiBa Internet Bet System @ Central" is an application that allows you to purchase a betting ticket for JRA IPAT customers.

* 1: Available only to JRA IPAT users.
※ 2: In using this application, it may not be able to vote normally due to the system change on the official side or the failure of this application. In that case, I can not bear any responsibility at all, so thank you for your understanding.
※ 3: The deposit and withdrawal function is confirmed only with Rakuten (E-Bank) Bank.

From deposit to PAT account to purchase of betting ticket, you can operate easily and conveniently.
Betting ticket voting input supports all methods, and by selecting the frame number / horse number also with touch, emphasis is placed on ease of use.